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The Dogras are an Indo-Aryan ethno-linguistic group in India and Pakistan and Dogri
language speakers. The term Dogra is thought to derive from Durgara, the name of a kingdom
mentioned in an eleventh century copper-plate inscription in Chamba. The Dogras live
predominantly in the Jammu region of Jammu and Kashmir and in adjoining areas of Punjab,
Himachal Pradesh and northeastern Pakistan. They have a rich history of arts, culture and
militaristic accomplishments. The Dogri language was considered a
dialect of Punjabi but eventually gained the status of an official language
in 2003 due to having a distinct cultural heritage and history.

Asha Kesar grew up in a village called Dasgal in Akhnoor District of J&K.
Most of the land in this region is hilly, including the Pir Panjal Range,
which separates it from the Kashmir Valley. The region has many linguistic dialects and
cultural traditions. Dogri folk music is native to the entire region and consists
of sub-categories such as Bhaakh, Karak, Masade, Gwatri, Shand, Bisampate, Fumenie, Gitru, etc.
The lyrical themes of Dogri vary from storytelling to harvest celebration, to marriages,
to folklores, and to religious songs.

Asha says that she inherited her passion for singing from her mother and grandfather.
She is a government employee but actively performs Dogri folk music at various
cultural events across the country.

The song you hear, “Takki,” is performed in the Bhaakh style of Dogri.
Bhaakh was traditionally sung from the rooftops of homes in the villages to
communicate important information. Thus, you hear no accompaniment.
The song describes a mother-in-law advising her newly wed daughter-in-law to be
cautious while climbing a flight of stone steps, with multiple clay pots on
her head to fetch water. It gives insight into the silent roles of women carrying out
their responsibilities in a patriarchal society through the interaction between the two women.

Song - TAKKI

  • Lead Voice - Asha Kesar
  • Backing Voices - Sonika Jamwal,
  • Prem Lata Dogra, Sudesh Manhas
  • Coordinator : Rohit Singh Bhau